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   VIT-AZ-MIN is a dietary supplement based on vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It contains seaweed and richly supplemented with an additional source of calcium.

A lack of minerals and trace elements can greatly hinder optimal growth and cause of a weak immune system. Seaweed contains over 60 minerals and trace elements, which each have a function to keep the healthy body.

A good source of calcium is essential in growing birds and necessary to facilitate egg laying.

This product can be provided throughout the year and is very useful during the breeding period.


  • promote the rearing of young animals
  • ensure a strong bone development
  • get a nice color expression of the feathers
  • to provide an appropriate calcium source for a smooth egg laying
  • increase the resistance
  • raptors: calcium deficiency in the diet to prevent and avoid excess phosphorus


  • dosage over the feed: 3 to 4 full scoops (about 20g) per kg of soft food
  • for birds of prey: at least 2x per week top dressing on feed


  • powder of 250 g and 1 kg
  • including measuring spoon
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