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   MULTI-VITAMIN contains all necessary vitamins and trace elements that are necessary to support a heavy activity.

Vitamins perform vital functions in the body. Most of the vitamins can not be made self in the body and must therefore be made available via the diet. Shortages give rise to the emergence of various diseases. Vitamins have a specific effect on the metabolism of the body, and ensure an increase of the resistance.

It also contains essential amino acids needed for proper muscle development and support of various organ functions.

Other ingredients are vegetable fibers that guarantee a balanced digestion.


  • ensuring a top form
  • up to promote the growing of young animals
  • ensure a strong bone development
  • the increasing resistance during stress periods such as contests or transport
  • extra help during the moulting and breeding


  • single dose via the feed
  • 3 scoops (about 15g) per kg feed, 3 times a week
  • is best combined with healthy oil


  • powder 250 g and 900 g, including measuring spoon
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