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   Supplement to support the metabolism and molting.

HEPATO-CHOL contains essential amino acids, vitamins, sorbitol and natural plant extracts.

The liver is an organ where various metabolic processes. Here are many substances stored as a backup, but also eliminated a number of waste.

In severe hepatic impairment body will pollute itself, which is very serious and even fatal.


  • improves the function of the metabolism
  • helps the excretion of waste
  • promotes the growth and muscle development
  • prevents a deficiency of essential amino acids
  • important supplement during moulting
  • very useful for birds that receive extra dyes


  • dosing via drinking water
  • 10 ml per liter, best 2 times a week
  • Shake well before use because contains plant extracts which may exhibit a light sediment without effect on the functioning of the product.


  • liquid in bottles of 250 ml and 500 ml of
  • dubbelhalzige bottle with markings in ml
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