Amino Acids Supplement; replace other protein sources

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   amino Acids Supplement

AMINO-FORT contains 20 amino acids, of which the proportion of methionine, choline and lysine is more than 30%.

Each cell needs amino acids in order to build proteins. We know 20 of these building blocks 12 can make the body itself, eight are to be handed over directly to the food, they are called "essential amino acids".

Amino-Fort can be used daily during the breeding season and the moult.


  • avoid shortages of essential amino acids
  • promote growth and muscle development
  • important during the moulting process
  • indispensable for heavily-feathered varieties
  • replace other protein sources


  • dosage over the feed: 5 measuring spoons (about 20 g) per kg of soft food or grain mix
  • not soluble in the drinking water


  • powder of 200 g and 1 kg
  • including measuring spoon
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